Roulette Tips

Our roulette tips section contains ten tips which will be very useful to you and will keep you away from mistakes. Many gamblers play roulette and many of them make some common mistakes which decrease their chances to win. Generally, beginner players make these mistakes because they don’t even consider them as mistakes. On the other hand, experienced players also make the same mistakes just because they consider them as insignificant or because they are too emotional gamblers and they can’t play rationally all the time.

Below, you may find 10 useful roulette tips which will help you have more fun and win more while you play your favorite game.

1. It is recommended to place outside bets, no matter if it is black/red, odd/even, high/low columns or dozens. These bets won’t bring you huge winnings but your chance to win will be better.

2. Always check out what numbers have come out during the session before your start playing because it will help you choose your bets more effectively. For example, if there have been 10 red numbers in a row before you sit on the table, this will help you choose what your first bet will be. This advice is part of many popular roulette strategies and systems and it is often taken into consideration by many gamblers.

3. Practice can make any player good at anything. If you practise playing roulette, it will be easier for you to win and have fun. The advantage of online casinos is that they give you the opportunity to practise for free, with virtual money balance.

4. Leave aside everything you win during the game so that you don’t eventually lose it. For example, if you start the game with $100 and you reach $150, leave aside your $50 winnings so that you don’t lose them in case of an unlucky streak. This is a very important advice for every beginner roulette player – always leave aside the money you win and always bet what you can afford to lose.

5. Always play European roulette instead of American, when possible. The reason is simple – American roulette has got two green sectors instead of one which raise the casino edge over you and lower your chance to win, accordingly. This advice is easy to follow and it will make your game a more favorable one.

6. Use roulette strategies and systems when you play roulette. Our strategies are a result of careful calculations and they will put you in a better position, less exposed to the casino house edge.

7. Quite a few people have paid attention that the sectors are not evenly placed on the roulette table. If you take a look at the dozens, you will see that each of them has got 6 black and 6 red numbers, however, if you take a look at the columns of 12 numbers, you will notice that things are different there. Black and red numbers are not evenly placed in the first two columns unlike the third one which has got 6 black and 6 red numbers as well. After you have noticed the misbalance, you can start using it in your favor when you consider that one color is more likely to come out than the other.

8. Divide your bankroll into 25 in order to know what your maximum bet needs to be for every wheel spin. For example, if you’ve got $250, you need to place no more than $10 bets so that you can stay longer in the game and have more fun.

9. One of the most important advices for any gambler is not to bet more than what he can afford to lose. If you eventually lose your bankroll for gambling, do not chase your losses by depositing money which you cannot afford to lose.

10. The last advice of our team is to play roulette so that you can have fun because, without a doubt, roulette is one of the funniest and most popular casino games ever.

Now that you have read our useful tips, you are ready to read and learn our strategies which we have developed and gathered for our visitors. Choose your roulette strategy here and have fun while playing.