Roulette Simple Strategy

Here is a very simple roulette strategy but also a very effective one. It is considered that John Wayne has been using this roulette strategy and that it could be found in one of his biographical books. It’s been a long time since John Wayne died but it is believed that he was a passionate roulette player.

The roulette strategy that you will find below is simple, frugal and very effective. You don’t need huge resources in order to play with it, but quite the opposite. Sometimes this simple roulette strategy can be amazingly effective and can bring you huge winnings. Here is how you need to use this roulette strategy:

To begin with, you need to choose two colours from the middle column (for example 14 and 29) and place $1 bet in the middle of each of them. Also, place $1 on each corner of the two numbers you have chosen (see the picture on the right).

As you can see, we have placed $10 bet and in the same time we have covered 18 numbers of the roulette wheel (half of the roulette numbers) which makes this simple roulette strategy a very effective one.

There are four different outcomes you can get:

– 14 or 29 to come out (according to our example). In this case you will win $72.

– 11131517262830 or 32 to come out. In this case you will win $18.

– 10121618252731 or 33 to come out. In this case you will lose $1.


As you can see, the idea is to get one of the two numbers you have chosen (14 or 29 in our example) and the other bets are acting as an insurance. Losing $1 is nothing compared to the opportunity to get $72 or $18. This simple roulette strategy is recommended to be played with $100 balance so that you may have enough money in your balance in case of an unlucky streak.

This roulette strategy can be combined with the Martingale Roulette Strategy in case of losing spins – just double your bet every time you lose and this way you will have the chance to get your money back faster.