Roulette Insurance Strategy

The insurance roulette strategy is relatively new and easy to use. If you are lucky, you can generate big winnings with its help. With this strategy you need to place bets on 1st 12 or 3rd 12, and as an insurance you need to place a bet on 1-18 or 19-36 respectively with a stake twice the amount of the bet on the dozen.

Let’s say that we place a bet of $25 on 1st 12 and an insurance on 1-18 of the amount of $50 (twice the stake on the chosen dozen). If 8 comes out, we will win from both of the bets (1st 12 and 1-18) we will get $175 ($100 profit). If 13 comes out, we will win $100 ($25 profit). If a number from 3rd 12 comes out, we lose and we need to double our bet on the next roulette spin ($50 on 1st 12 and $100 on 1-18).

If you choose the 3rd 12, your insurance bet will be on 19-36.


Spin №Bet OnOutcomeProfit
1$25 on 3rd 12, $50 on 19-3619$25
2$25 on 3rd 12, $50 on 19-361$-75
3$50 on 3rd 12, $100 on 19-3628$125